Restaurant Hotel Menhard ***
Enjoy being our guest in Hotel Menhard***
“The basic principle of preparing dishes for our guests is mainly a taste, but immediately after that there is an aesthetic aspect, which is equally important. We eat the food first and foremost through the eyes and then through the taste. It is best if both senses are satisfied and the guest returns to us again. We also strive to use the high quality of our entry products, which we carefully choose from our suppliers. As much as possible, we try to support local suppliers and focus on seasonality. “
Let us know when you come to visit us and we will be happy to prepare a table according to your ideas. Just fill in short contact form. If you do, remember to mention any individual requirements and we’ll take care of everything else. We will look forward to your visit!

Selected specialities
Choose one of our international specialties
  • Homemade Tiramisu
    Price: 3,20 €
    Great Tiramisu.
  • CHOCOLATE BROWNIES nuts, strawberry foam
    Price: 4,80 €
    Served with a great strawberry foam.
  • Argentinian beef sirloin steak
    Price: 16,60 €
    Served on a mushroom sauce and home potato croquettes.
  • Pork medallions baked with cheese ,,Bavaria blue"
    Price: 8,60 €
    Excellent pork medallions not only with cheese but also with cranberries on cream sauce and home potato croquettes.
  • Beef fillet tenderloin steak
    Price: 13,80 €
    Steak on grilled vegetables with green pepper sauce and homemade French fries.

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